Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fall Ya'll......

Thanksgiving is tomorrow!! The house is already starting to smell like it, yummmmm.  I hope everyone has an enjoyable and relaxing one. Yes, I said relaxing one. I think we can all agree that we're thankful for all the things were suppose to be thankful for : loved ones, being loved, a roof, good health and the like....

But one of the things I'm thankful for is learning how to enjoy the chaos that the holidays can and usually bring. I haven't always been able to do this ( perfectionist qualities suck), and it has taken me a long time. In many holidays past, I have had a tendency to get waaaay to caught up in the "what's wrong " ( house not clean enough, burned casseroles, a forgotten gift.... etc...) than the "what's right."

This year we expect approx. 24 for dinner... And I love it and can't wait!   It's just not worth stressing yourself out over the details so much. Sure, everyone wants it to be perfect, but it never will be. I have learned that I enjoy the occasion soooo much more when I just chill and let it manifest the way it just does. Even better if you can find your sense of humor when things really screw up! Which also serves well to help relax everyone!

So don't sweat the burnt rolls,  the late dinner guests, or the drunk uncle.... I know I won't : )

Here's a short vid of my "forever grateful" mobile in action... and my glorious hickory tree's fall leaves.  I failed to mention it was 78* outside when I shot that yesterday, and all my lizards were out... so I took a quick vid of Scarlett, my unique red head!  

 Looks like we'll have a warm Thanksgiving this year, oh well it willl be a relaxing one....  hope yours is too : )      XO'ssssss~ ajae


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Forever Grateful... and the Magical Cocoon♥

 One of my mornings last week was just so amazing!  I usually spend a fair amount of time in the mornings in my backyard with my dogs and the yard critters that frequent there. But this particular morning was different. Well to start with,  our fall days have been far and few... and it was a glorious fall day here for us, so I think that had a lot to do with it.  I felt like the birds were actually serenading just for me. Truth be known, I'm sure they just love fall weather as much as I do : )

 I heard this one sweet little song ♪♫ in particular that was new to my ears. Try as I might... I couldn't spy the little beast!  So I just enjoyed it's lovely tune and choose to imagine that it must be a passerby, stopping to hang out and catch it's breath,  have a little seed and a quaint birdbath before passing through on it's migratory journey further south. And then I choose to believe it decided to sing me the proper thank you for the nice little rest stop..... ; )

 I wish the sweet little lovlie knew how happy it made me. I wished that it somehow knew that because of that beautiful song... it made my morning, and set the mood for my entire day! Because of that one little gift from nature,  I smiled more and had a constructive and more productive day.... all because that sweet birdie's song was music to my ears and cheered me right up!

 (  As long as I can remember..... I've always been my happiest self, most centered and at peace when I'm outside appreciating what's naturally around me. I can become completely enamoured simply by watching and ant carrying something 10 times it's own size over leaves, twigs and such.... it's like magic to me! )

 Speaking of magical....( to me anyway )  On one verrry fine day this past September , we hosted a wedding reception party for some dear friends of ours.  They had just eloped the week earlier down in the Florida Keys... how cool huh?

Anyway,  Just as the party was fixin' to get going Steve-O and Kimmy (bride and groom) came running up to me with this most amazingly huge green caterpillar!
 ( I'll insert here that nature lovers know other nature lovers and we keep each other's company : )
Well.... Steve-O found the chunky fella out in the middle of the road , where it would of surly been squashed by all the cars fixin' to show up. So we collectively decided to "free" him (or her) on the largest tropical tree in my screen enclosure, (which is a very large area, not just a typical screened in  porch.)
I can't believe none of us had the mindset to take a picture of it then, but I think we all had party festivities and preparations on the brain.....   but he looked just about like this guy below!!!! As big as your finger, no joke!
Luna Moth, Actias luna, caterpillar

For days and days after... I kept looking for our freak of nature. Other than   a    few munched on sign of it.   Then FINALLY one day... I spotted IT.  It had been verrrrry busy spinning up a fantastical cocoon!!!   Oh how I wished I could have witnessed that amazing feat!  Talk about MAGIC!

So now........we wait.  We're all joking now about how like, Steve and Kim are going to be proud parents : )  I've declared myself the God-Moth-er..haha!  Being the nature lovers that we are... we proceeded to the internet to research what kind of moth or butterfly we have and when it may emerge.  Steve believes it's a silk moth, but since it cocooned so late in the fall,  we suspect ( from what we've read )  it will over winter here till spring. We all are hoping for a light winter, as we're not sure how it will effect him.  (or her)  : )

Here's the funny part... this is pet lizard Oliver,  has taken it upon himself to "babysit" the cocoon! (hehe)
Seriously... he's there EVERYDAY!!  I'm so curious about his behavior. My best guess is that somehow,  he recognizes the cocoon as food and he's waiting for it to hatch and to try and gobble it down!!

My hope for next spring is... that I get to witness this magic in action, and catch the process in time and be able to cut the branch it's on ( before it's all the way out ) and take it out to the backyard. I'd love to save  him (or her)  from the fate of meeting Oliver, and I'd really love it... if the timing was such  that Steve and Kim could come and watch it get ready to fly....
Another reason for a partay!! But usually though... we don't need much of a reason : )

Last thing I'd like to share is this amazing gift Steve and Kim MADE for Harvey and I as a thank you for hosting their celebration....
It is sooooo pretty! They made it out of stamped metal, fishing line and swivels and little round mirrors.

You should see the light show it gives you at different times of the day......  flecks of light all over the yard!  It makes the garden even more magical

And then the best part..... Isn't it  lovely : )

Well thanks so much if you stopped in to hear me ramble... I realize I was a little long winded, but I just love stuff like this

Xo'sssssssss   ajae

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

E is for Empathy...

"E" is for  Empathy

* I've always been quite infatuated with the sky, clouds, the play of light, sunrises (although I don't manage to catch many of those, and need to rectify that) and sunsets....
My husband and I are lucky enough to live on a beautiful, quaint bayou with our 3 crazy jack russells.
It's pretty much a daily ritual for me and the jacks to enjoy our late afternoon/early evenings in our backyard romping around, pulling a weed or two, taking down laundry,  and of course... feeding and playing with my lizard friends. I'm so amazed how the jacks have actually figured out that they are off limits. It's like they sense that I love them and therefor don't mess with them. Every now and then Devil can't resist, but never follows through with the deed, she just wants to see them scatter I think.  Years ago, they wouldn't have stood a chance and all of them would  have been goners in no time.

 Pistol Pete,  AxL and Cobia on a typical afternoon...
* Anyway... the dogs and I love, love our ritual eves, which also includes a photo session with my Dad if there happens to be a gorgeous sunset. We both scamper to get our cameras and start snappin' away. Often after, we sit with a beer and compare our shots. Critique each others perspectives and later email them to each other. Even though we do this often,  it's something I treasure and don't take for granted. I feel very lucky to have my parents so close. They only live 5 houses down from us, and my daddy keeps his boat at our dock. I know many people would fine that a bit trying, but my parents are wonderful, and never busy bodied or obtrusive.

Here are a few fav's

 from this summer...

* But... back to title of this post... Here's a couple definitions for the word Empathy. (This is for you Maria!)

EMPATHY~ Identification with and understanding of another's situation, feelings, and motives.
                     ~ The intellectual identification with, or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thought, or
                     attitudes of another.

 * Goodness knows how... but my niece, (she's 22) her boyfriend and I got into this conversation about a month ago. (there may have been a few cocktails involved) hahaaa! But she was quite humorous to listen to as usual...  especially so, when discussing things of this nature. I suspect she is alot more empathetic than she leads on. But her rambling was entertaining to say the least!
I was even more amused when I saw this cloud formation in the shape of an "E" in my own backyard, exactly one week after our conversation. I believe we get sign posts in life, and I try to take notice of mine. I'm not sure who helped who during that conversation, but I am sure it was suppose to take place, and we probably both helped each other!

 * On a quick note, my Cobia's health  is still not great. It has begun to seem as though her little body is tuckering out. In a very short period of time she's developed multiple issues besides her eyes. On top of her vision regressing again, she's developed a uti we can't seem to clear up, pancreatitis, and some very weakened, wobbly hindquarters. We are still hopeful,  as she is still in good spirits most the time, just a little  slower getting around. Thanks for all of you who have continued to care and ask about both of us

* I hope everyone is ready for fall, it's one of my favorite times of year. But we don't really get any till later in October, even then it's sporatic. As I type this, it's 5 pm, and still 90' outside!  My hickory tree doesn't even lose leaves till early December...     XO ya'll... ajae

* p.s.~ (relating to empathy) I can actually come to tears watching an old person that has lost their car at Walmart, and always stop and help if I can...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Has Gone To The Dawgs....

Seriously y'all... has your summer been like mine?  A huge blurr... (sorry Cobe, no pun intended)  I mean really... was summer here at all?  Seems all I can recall from summer is the extreme heat of it! Wowza, can it get any hotter? Our heat index today 110! Geeeeze!  The second you walk out the door, your bra gets soaked. Yuk...I hate a soggy bra. G-R-O-S-S

But yes indeedy, my summer has literally gone to the dogs...particularly one sweeeet  little jack named Cobia. Poor thing has had a ruff few last months, and we're not out of the woods yet. I'm actually feeling really sorry for both of us! My summer was spent being an eyedrop administering machine!!

Her cataract surgery was in May...she did great, but a huge part of the success rate is the after care. For a month I had to give the sweet little soul 25 drops a day! I've been relentless about it as her sight depends on it.
Her lens replacements have done wonderfully...and her sight is still amazing to me.

She went from doing fine to bumping into walls, falling down stairs, into the pool, off the dock...and the worst event was running smack ass into a tree, head on, running at full stride. She instantly hit the ground, was flailing and screaming unconsciously for about15 seconds and couldn't get up. She's lucky she didn't break her neck.
Strange thing is... her sight failing seem to happen soooo fast!  I mean, we knew she had some cloudiness related to cataracts, and had them looked at... but you know,  that's typical for a twelve year old dog. And she was getting around perfectly, not skipping a beat. It literally seem to go from her seeing fine to blind...overnite.

It was heartbreaking to watch. The thing was, she's a very "young" active 12 year old dog with no other health issues... and the kind of dog that LIVES for a tennis ball... I couldn't see NOT doing it. So we did it...and it's been amazing!!  The first time she got her tennisball after surgery, I started crying... I was so overwhelmed and happy and relieved.  Mostly for her precious livelihood , but also cuz now,  we didn't have to worry anymore about her getting hurt. (We were at the point where she didn't go outside without a life vest on).

What has happened since is secondary to the lens replacements. She is seeing fine, but has developed corneal ulcers in both eyes. Trauma to the cornea from the surgery is probably the cause, but the actual cataract surgery has been a complete success, so I still consider us way ahead of the game.  BUT ...the ulcers don't seem to want to heal properly.  Enter here... two more months of  major drop therapy.  I literally have been kinda house bound with her. Although my mother Helen, and niece Maria, (and friends who have had to put up with and listen to us) have been super supportive and stepped in when we have had to be out of town. (a gazillion thanks y'all ♥)

SOoooo, We went back to Birmingham (her eye doctor, 4 hrs. away from home) this past Tues. and the poor thing had to get corneal grids on both eyes,  and now I have my little  CONEHEAD back...
: (

They basically re-texturize the surface of the cornea to help promote new cell growth. They said the next few days would be tough,  (imagine having your cornea sandpaperd) and it has been, even though she is on an oral pain med twice a day. Today we are on day two, and she's still uncomfortable, but it's a noticeable improvement from yesterday. Yesterday she was pitiful, she broke my heart.  She wasn't in this much pain even after the cataract surgery.  One eye drop in particular seems to send her through the roof,  I hate giving it to her : (
Here's a gander at our med schedule for the next two weeks... I make a schedule and make copies so I don't miss any, and start a new one everyday. If you count both eyes, we're doing 27 drops a day!!  We head back to Birmingham on the 17th for our recheck, and hopefully we'll be on the mend.
She's such a fabulous animal and has really been a trooper through it all.  I think we both are just ready for some normal...  
Normal would be good.

Be Fabulous... because you are♥
X  to the O.... ajae

p.s.- duh...the soggy bra thing, bleck!

Monday, June 28, 2010

SpeNt.... but notice the beauty left behind..........

This photo is from my yard.... and the roses that I grow and get to admire.  About a month ago...I remember thinking in a very selfish way... " Dang... I wish those blooms lasted longer."  But then I looked again, and noticed how perfectly perfect those "stars" were......... hidden underneath all the lovely.
Wow... beauty beyond the flower. Shame on me for not noticing it before.

Everything has a shelf life... : )

We rarely think of our own , and rarely think of  those of others in our lives,  unless we know it's near by...

The part that is so difficult, of course is experiencing the actual loss of a shelf life... period.  No matter of circumstance... but it becomes a different kind of loss when that shelf life was cut in half... out of the blue, with no rhyme or reason that can be assigned to it.

I want to say that...  the  reason I feel like this now is due to an abundant amount of grief  ( in a bizarre short period of time) shared by some of the people I care about most on the planet.

I want who ever reads this to know that the loss I speak of is personal to me, but not necessarily my personal own... and this is in the order of events....

Many people don't relate to this... but I'm in love with my hounds beyond.....whatever.......
Some of our closest  friends have had to euthanize two of the most fantastic animals within a year. 
Dogs shelf life ... one of my main beefs in  life... don't even get me started!  Shanna and Maggie ♥

The closest  to my extended family , is my brother in laws mother... who was an inspirational woman who I unfortunately did not know well enough... the loss is mine,  I'm certain of this.  Nora's shelf life was cut in half by a disease,  not necessarily age... she had many grand years ahead of her, that were robbed of  her by alzheimers.  I grieve her death mostly for my brother in law,  and my precious niece and nephew, as they were also robbed... due to her shelf life.

Most tragic to me was the loss of  a wonderfully, innocent, extremely  pleasant, and talented young lady.   Alayna Bowman...a  16 year old  with her whole  life ahead of her.  Her shelf life was cut waaaaaay short due to a young 22 year old drunk driver.  Alayna was one of my nieces childhood friends. She was destined to , and most certainly would have had a wonderful life ahead of her.

And then we have Big Jim... who just happens to be the father of one of  my dearest and most cherished friends...EVER.  What a shelf life he had!!!  If anyone was the recharger bunny... it was Big Jim.  And deserving so... doesn't even begin to describe it.  He always had a goal in life and met every one of  them... He fought the good fight... all his life and WON.
His legacy will be forever lasting....and how could it not with 13 children!!  : )   But I need to add how... his legacy will live on, with bravery and honor... for all who new him,  and  were better for it.

With a heavy heart... I respectfully love and cherish all my friends and family thru this difficult period of time.   And I embrace evermore, the reminder of our "shelf life" ... that we all have one,  but that there is always the beauty forever left behind....the SpeNt.....

xoxo ~ ajae

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Neat is... as Neat does....

Well now... let me just start with a true confession.      I've never been one with great organizational skills.     Ok , who am I trying to fool here, (myself?)   The truest  confession is............... I've never even had organizational skills.     None that last anyway.... 
Sure,  I get on kicks and organize this and that,    but sooner or later I slip back into my old ways.

Don't get me wrong... my house isn't a pigsty and I don't live like they do on the show Hoarders. ( but I admit I love that show!)   My main issues are with my own personal areas... like... my studio, closet, bathroom counter, my car.... ( the car part is cuz  I vendor at a fleamarket,  so it's kinda the nature of the beast)  but none of it is really  that bad because  I ...   "me , myself and I"   seem to manage just fine.    I think alot of arty folks are just like me....

"Creative Chaos " they say, right?    Really though ... who wouldn't agree that sometimes,   in the thros of  it all...  it's just too hard to stop and  pick up ....  cuz crazy good stuff is still   floowwwinngggg.............

I do know some "arty's"  that are pretty darned organized,  or at least alot more than me.   Oh,  how I admire  them!    This is when I  pretend to be like that.....

 This is Slydog Studio on a "good day"....  notice of my peep in the window! I call her Jezebelle♥ she keeps me company on most days.

And hense... one of   "the" slydogs,  (AxL)  in the foreground....  again,  on an extraordinarily good  pretend day.     This is sooooo not my normal!     Hahaa! It just dawned on me that many of ya'll  may think this (a good day for me)  is a wreck!

Even though  I've made peace with this aspect of me....  I  will still strive to improve this area of my life, on my terms when the notion strikes me.    
I've become very aware and  realize the fact that,   I've been this way my whole life..... and accept this about myself.   I do it  graciously... so as to stop with the inner struggle.     It's really such a non-issue in the big scheme of things.   

"That's good... one less thing" -  Forrest... Forrest Gump.

xoxo ya'll....   ajae

ps ...     I  love mater, mayo and potato chip sandwiches.... my first tomatoes of the season are almost ripe : )

Monday, May 24, 2010

May Oh May... Where Art Thou.... ?

And ooooh my goodness... where the hell did April go????  We've been craaazeee busy around here with this and that. No time to balance, I miss balance!! (not that I've ever been good at achieving it!!)
With numerous planned events to host or attend, out of town guests and travels, and dealing with a dog needing cataract surgery (5 hours away from home).... eyedrops,  eyedrops... and more eyedrops, and then throw in life's everyday requirements and duties equals NO ART or BLOG TIME!

BUT.. I did finally manage to open an EtsyStore!! It was a goal for April that I refuse to give up on, even though I'm techno challenged and don't know what I'm doing!
But I decided to go for it anyway... what's the alternative.... not doing it?  Were would that get me?
I've only listed a few , and have only sold three. Funny... but two of the sales were people I know, but I'm still counting it ! : )

Lately though, life has been a whirlwind, and two months have seem to pass in a blink. But don't mistake my whining... we've had alot of fun, and created memorable moments through it all... just not enough normal ♥ Sometimes,  just normal is in order...

My intention was to follow through visually... with photos of our latest loved mayhem, ( and still plan too) but alas... this evening is as well on the eve of  yet another planned Memorial Holiday trip out of town.
But I felt really uneasy knowing I didn't even post here in May.     But then I realized... life is more important than blogging. Duh!!

And as happy and excited as I am to be here, doing something new... with all the possibilities that await me through this experience... life will always interrupt me.

So be it... it will unfold the way it is suppose to....
I did manage to work on her some...  BALANCE.... hmmmm? elusive....... isn't it?

xo ya'll... ajae

ps- I heart Goog♥my best, good online art friend.

Monday, April 5, 2010

SprinG has finally SprunG.....

I love you spring!
After a looooong, dreary drawn out winter, (and I don't just mean the weather) I'm finally feeling a little more spring in my step. What a relief!
For me, the "new year" seems to start more like when spring arrives, not so much in cold, dreary January. I find it difficult to be excited for a "new" year until Warmer temp's, sunshine, baseball, longer days, seeing your plants emerge from their somber sleep, all the critters seem frisky... the birds sing more. Even my dogs can feel it, and act differently.
Everything seems new again. Everything seems refreshed and get's a chance to start over. I love it!
Except for bathing suit season.... aaaahhh, could do without that challenge year after year. Probably because it get's harder year after year. Well...I will quickly get off that vain sentiment, as I am a healthy, mostly happy girl with a full, and very blessed life, surrounded by family and great friends constantly. (did I mention constantly, ha!)

As timing would have it, my spring has sprung in other ways as well. I want to share something I'm soooo happy and proud about and extremely thankful for. I've known about it for a while, but wanted to wait for it to come to fruition and get a copy of it into my hot little hands.... My first painting to get published!!!! Thanks to the fantabulistic Suzi Bluuuuu♥

This link above only shows a preview, but here is my page... :)
I would like to point out the title is "Respect Diversity" not Respect & Dignity. No biggie tho.... I'm still a happy camper!

I'm so grateful that Suzi Blu included me in her book. She has so many students, and wonderful artists that sent submissions for the publication. At Suzi's Les Petit Academy, (aka Art Skool Underground)... where everyone is an artist, I have met many wonderful like minded souls and have made some lasting friendships there.
I truly can't sing enough of her praises. Suzi is so fun to watch and learn from. She is an exceptional mixed media artist. She very engaging, passionate, funny, generous and never stagnate.
Her style of teaching really suits me, and I thank her for being a huge motivating factor for me actually picking up a frickin' pencil again. She actually has helped me realize that this is what I was meant to do all along.
And even though I'm slow, too meticulous, and self critical.... it's all part of my artful life journey, and that's okay...
xox ~ ajae

ps- I LOVE to hang clothes out to dry on a clothesline, but have a fear of putting my hand in a clothes pin basket, so I just leave the pins on the line all the time :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Blog Worthy... ?

Let me start by saying this is a new work in progress, no name yet. I quite like her though, and hope for a good out come...

Now... down to the business of "Blog Worthy-ness" ...

This is where I've let my insecurities take hold lately.
I mean come on ya'll...
there are sooooo many really cool, insightful and interesting blogs out there.
It is easy to blog surf all frickin' day, if one had the time. You find a fav that you love and before you know it ... your following your favs's..... FaV's.
I know we are are all guilty of going to someones awesome blog that leads us to another awesome blog and then down the rabbit hole we go... getting lost and even forgetting where we began!

Interesting to me though.... is that some of my favorite artful bloggers and blog posts are polar opposites of each other. So really whose to say what is blog worthy? What appeals to one, may not to others. And even that can vary depending on one's mood at the time.

Ultimately it's the reader who decides. They decide when they check in on a blog on any given day and then get lost in the authors insight, art, photographs, wit, humor or whatever it may be.

And then there's the actual purpose behind one starting a blog. Or is there? Or does there even have to be?
Since beginning this adventure in January, I've found myself really close to adding more pictures and posts. But my inner critic keeps asking me "is this even blog worthy?" How dorkey is that!
I've been trying waaay too hard to determine what "direction" I should take with my blog. Who the hell say's there has to even BE a direction...the blog police? Geeze, how goofy have I been?

Originally, I "planned" on it being mainly art based, with a little life thrown in. But have struggled with this idea since... and found myself over analyzing every thing I considered putting up. The point being, I have wanted to post about little things sometimes, mundane even...nothing earth shattering, or necessarily "deep".

Hense....over thinking and micro-managing this "perfect blog beginning" in the right direction has not helped it at all, only deterred. It's that whole learning curve thing, not only in bloglandia, but about myself as well.

So, in an effort to push aside the darned perfectionist bullsh-t... (I wish this quality carried over to my closet and studio tidiness, no such luck, I'm a messy mess plain and simple) I hereby "expel" the the perfectionistic demons. (swig... inside joke, tx trisha!)

I hereby declare, reader beware...
I'm not going for blog worthy. In fact I'm pretty sure I'll be all over the map. I'm gonna stick with me, myself and rhyme or reason will be found here. Blog posts may include but are not limited to;

ajaeart, mundane life occurrences, dog stories, tyrants and ramblings, family, music, nature photos and stories,things that make you go hmmmmmm? friends, inside jokes and what have you. And sometimes I do drink and blog :)

Just sayin'... xoxo ajae

p.s.  I am owned by 3 wild and crazy jack russells. And here they are...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"AxL's Blustery Adventure"

This mixed media piece was inspired by my Jack Russell Axl. I live a full and crazy life with three of them (and a husband). All with different personalities that keep my household in a semi-spastic state most of the time. Life is never boring for me that's for sure, a surprise at every turn...more about the JR shenanigans later!

A little more about me and my artwork... Most often my work reflects my personal joys and passions for nature, and all living things. I love to include outdoor elements, such as leaves, twigs , flowers and even weeds. :)
I'm definitely the outdoorsy type, and would usually choose to be outside than inside on a computer. I've always felt a calm and at peace outside exploring and observing more than anywhere else ever, since I was a child.

Several of the online art communities have embraced me , and inspired me so much in such a short time. For someone like me (waay computer challenged) it's truly opened up a whole new world to me. So much kindness and support has been shown to me, and I am extremely grateful.
So, even though I don't particularly enjoy the learning curve of how to become an online artist,( I'd rather be outside remember) I feel compelled to do so. I'm ready for the hit and misses of it all. I'm just ready ... Etsy store in progress, hope to be selling sometime next week :)

Wish me luck...xoxo ajae♥

ps-  Lizards make me happy :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The leap...

As many may surmise...
This is my first blog post. Let me go ahead and clear this up right now... I seriously don't know what I'm doing. Hahaha, for real... I am so computer challenged it's ridiculous. I don't know how to make my page pretty, add links or badges and the like... So, although this may seem like a boring blog to follow for a while. My hope is to get all snazzy with it, like so many of the ones I have begun to admire, visit and or follow. At this time I would also like to disclose that my grammar will be poor, and my spelling even poorer, and run-on sentences are my specialty... so if you are a stickler for that kind of thing, well... thanks for stopping by ;)

I think my timing for beginning this adventure is weird sorta, being the New Year and all. I'm not a resolution making kinda of girl, so it has nothing to do with that. This is something I've been contemplating for some time. What's been holding me back was knowing I would totally have to mutter through the process, and risk looking like a dork. I have no "in life" person that can offer me much help with this sort of venue. (meaning none of my family or personal friends have ever had a blog)
I slooowly started thinking... so what! It dawned on me that until I started plunking around on the damn thing it would never happen. Was I willing to risk not ever doing it ... just so I could look cool doing it? NOPE.

"Everyone starts somewhere"... We've all had this banged into our heads and have repeated it to ourselves through out our lives... yes? And so many times though, we let our fear hold us back from starting... anything! It's sooo easy to let fear of looking like a "dork" stop you. Especially in the face of many who you admire and who have mastered what you are trying to achieve (in your own right) or hope to become a part of.

I believe that doing it wrong until you get it right is a very brave and admirable thing to do. So... in summary, take your leap! You simply cannot fail... due to the fact that you WILL learn something on the way down or up ♥ xo~ajae

p.s. "The Leap" inspired by a jr with NO FEAR! featuring AxL mccain