Friday, April 15, 2011

Guess what the MagicaL CoCooN did......... ♥

                         IT    HATCHED!!!!! 
Can you believe it.........
I'm sooooo sad though, because I missed the magic show!!!   I had been checking most everyday, in fact I was starting to get worried because I read that you could gently shake the cocoon and sometimes feel some movement inside. But when I tried, it just felt like a hard little butter bean in there. I was beginning to think he didn't make it through the winter. (some don't)

BUT, on a dreary rainy Tuesday morning.... tadaaaaah!  Who would of thought.... all along I assumed it would emerge on  a perfect spring/summer day. ( My father suggested maybe the moisture in the air helps them to bore out of the cocoon. Makes sense...)

Well... I just happen to look up and here HE was!!!!!!
I was just awestruck at what I was actually seeing!!!!   Then I ran over to check the cocoon... I was actually moved to tears... happy tears!

 For those who may be reading about this for the first time, here's a quick recap... ( if your a nature lover and want to read the story from the beginning go back and first read "Forever Grateful... and the Magical Cocoon" here  and then "Spring Update: Oliver and the Magical Cocoon" here )  Anyway....some of our dear friends found this huge magnificent caterpillar on my street last Sept. on the day of their wedding party. They brought it in so it wouldn't get squished by all cars fixin' to pull up....and we "let it go"...  in my screen enclosure. It spun a wonderful cocoon 3 weeks later. Soooooooo, we've been on the "cocoon watch" for 7 months...wondering if it was gonna make it through the winter.

Oliver and the Magical Cocoon
Here's my first attempt at getting him on video.....  

        Jinx -Part 1                 

Meet Jinxy...

Anyway, it took days before I could get a good look at him because he stayed so far up on the screen enclosure. But I finally did... and then ran to research and found out that he in fact was a male Polyphemus moth. He was glorious!!!!

Here's a closer look at him.... by this time I was beginning to have some concerns over his well being.... and how I could catch and release this magnificent creature.....
He was soooo pretty..... 6" wing span!

 Well, as you heard in this last video.... I was filled with regret for not being able to let him go sooner. Especially after doing more research and finding out where he was at in his life cycle. Had I known this...I certainly would of tried to keep it outside in a safe place of some sort, so as the critters couldn't eat him.

Oh well... I can't take it back right?   I choose to believe he indeed fluttered off into the evening..... and found the perfect female and managed to finish his life's work.
I also like to think that I had a part in him surviving winter, as we had had several hard freezes. Ollie and Jinxy's cocoon shared the same plant, so numerous nights I put a heat lamp out for them.

 I was extremely grateful to have this experience. I often feel like people don't "get" the things that I am enamoured by.... oh well,  poo on them !  I think it's important to follow what brings you peace inside.... and I love what I love : )

More art related post coming soon... I promise!   ajae

Polyphemus Moth Fact:   The males have such large feather-like antenna's in order for them to pick up the pheromones released from the females. They can detect and  travel up to 5 miles in search of Love