Wednesday, September 8, 2010

E is for Empathy...

"E" is for  Empathy

* I've always been quite infatuated with the sky, clouds, the play of light, sunrises (although I don't manage to catch many of those, and need to rectify that) and sunsets....
My husband and I are lucky enough to live on a beautiful, quaint bayou with our 3 crazy jack russells.
It's pretty much a daily ritual for me and the jacks to enjoy our late afternoon/early evenings in our backyard romping around, pulling a weed or two, taking down laundry,  and of course... feeding and playing with my lizard friends. I'm so amazed how the jacks have actually figured out that they are off limits. It's like they sense that I love them and therefor don't mess with them. Every now and then Devil can't resist, but never follows through with the deed, she just wants to see them scatter I think.  Years ago, they wouldn't have stood a chance and all of them would  have been goners in no time.

 Pistol Pete,  AxL and Cobia on a typical afternoon...
* Anyway... the dogs and I love, love our ritual eves, which also includes a photo session with my Dad if there happens to be a gorgeous sunset. We both scamper to get our cameras and start snappin' away. Often after, we sit with a beer and compare our shots. Critique each others perspectives and later email them to each other. Even though we do this often,  it's something I treasure and don't take for granted. I feel very lucky to have my parents so close. They only live 5 houses down from us, and my daddy keeps his boat at our dock. I know many people would fine that a bit trying, but my parents are wonderful, and never busy bodied or obtrusive.

Here are a few fav's

 from this summer...

* But... back to title of this post... Here's a couple definitions for the word Empathy. (This is for you Maria!)

EMPATHY~ Identification with and understanding of another's situation, feelings, and motives.
                     ~ The intellectual identification with, or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thought, or
                     attitudes of another.

 * Goodness knows how... but my niece, (she's 22) her boyfriend and I got into this conversation about a month ago. (there may have been a few cocktails involved) hahaaa! But she was quite humorous to listen to as usual...  especially so, when discussing things of this nature. I suspect she is alot more empathetic than she leads on. But her rambling was entertaining to say the least!
I was even more amused when I saw this cloud formation in the shape of an "E" in my own backyard, exactly one week after our conversation. I believe we get sign posts in life, and I try to take notice of mine. I'm not sure who helped who during that conversation, but I am sure it was suppose to take place, and we probably both helped each other!

 * On a quick note, my Cobia's health  is still not great. It has begun to seem as though her little body is tuckering out. In a very short period of time she's developed multiple issues besides her eyes. On top of her vision regressing again, she's developed a uti we can't seem to clear up, pancreatitis, and some very weakened, wobbly hindquarters. We are still hopeful,  as she is still in good spirits most the time, just a little  slower getting around. Thanks for all of you who have continued to care and ask about both of us

* I hope everyone is ready for fall, it's one of my favorite times of year. But we don't really get any till later in October, even then it's sporatic. As I type this, it's 5 pm, and still 90' outside!  My hickory tree doesn't even lose leaves till early December...     XO ya'll... ajae

* p.s.~ (relating to empathy) I can actually come to tears watching an old person that has lost their car at Walmart, and always stop and help if I can...