Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"AxL's Blustery Adventure"

This mixed media piece was inspired by my Jack Russell Axl. I live a full and crazy life with three of them (and a husband). All with different personalities that keep my household in a semi-spastic state most of the time. Life is never boring for me that's for sure, a surprise at every turn...more about the JR shenanigans later!

A little more about me and my artwork... Most often my work reflects my personal joys and passions for nature, and all living things. I love to include outdoor elements, such as leaves, twigs , flowers and even weeds. :)
I'm definitely the outdoorsy type, and would usually choose to be outside than inside on a computer. I've always felt a calm and at peace outside exploring and observing more than anywhere else ever, since I was a child.

Several of the online art communities have embraced me , and inspired me so much in such a short time. For someone like me (waay computer challenged) it's truly opened up a whole new world to me. So much kindness and support has been shown to me, and I am extremely grateful.
So, even though I don't particularly enjoy the learning curve of how to become an online artist,( I'd rather be outside remember) I feel compelled to do so. I'm ready for the hit and misses of it all. I'm just ready ... Etsy store in progress, hope to be selling sometime next week :)

Wish me luck...xoxo ajae♥

ps-  Lizards make me happy :)


  1. This is a beautiful work of art. I love your style. I am Jack Russell lover myself too and think this little one looks lovely in your work of Art.

  2. Love your blog..
    Your work is super awesome and utterly magical!!
    Let me know if you need any help with Etsy or selling on your own site with a shopping cart!
    I have been selling online for about 10 years and you will love it!!
    take care,

  3. Thank you Jeri, you are so sweet! I can tell you love what you do, and I think your online store looks so inviting and professional. I just may take you up on your kind offer.
    So far so good, Etsy store almost complete, just waiting on a few more prints, and I still need a postal scale : )
    xoxo ajae

  4. Thanks for stopping in Rosy! How did you find me? I'm so glad you like my art and my crazy jacks! ha! I have THREE!! Do you have any? I'm sure they will be a staple here for future posts, I have soooo many crazy stories about them. xox ajae

  5. Your blog looks great and I love your painting of AxL!! The way you did the background is really interesting and attractive and your "subjects" are so sweet and cute.

  6. Nanakin, So sweet of you to say! I love taking thing from my life and using them in my work...(hense, the dogs and lizards)
    Thanks for stopping in to check us out!! xo ajae