Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Neat is... as Neat does....

Well now... let me just start with a true confession.      I've never been one with great organizational skills.     Ok , who am I trying to fool here, (myself?)   The truest  confession is............... I've never even had organizational skills.     None that last anyway.... 
Sure,  I get on kicks and organize this and that,    but sooner or later I slip back into my old ways.

Don't get me wrong... my house isn't a pigsty and I don't live like they do on the show Hoarders. ( but I admit I love that show!)   My main issues are with my own personal areas... like... my studio, closet, bathroom counter, my car.... ( the car part is cuz  I vendor at a fleamarket,  so it's kinda the nature of the beast)  but none of it is really  that bad because  I ...   "me , myself and I"   seem to manage just fine.    I think alot of arty folks are just like me....

"Creative Chaos " they say, right?    Really though ... who wouldn't agree that sometimes,   in the thros of  it all...  it's just too hard to stop and  pick up ....  cuz crazy good stuff is still   floowwwinngggg.............

I do know some "arty's"  that are pretty darned organized,  or at least alot more than me.   Oh,  how I admire  them!    This is when I  pretend to be like that.....

 This is Slydog Studio on a "good day"....  notice of my peep in the window! I call her Jezebelle♥ she keeps me company on most days.

And hense... one of   "the" slydogs,  (AxL)  in the foreground....  again,  on an extraordinarily good  pretend day.     This is sooooo not my normal!     Hahaa! It just dawned on me that many of ya'll  may think this (a good day for me)  is a wreck!

Even though  I've made peace with this aspect of me....  I  will still strive to improve this area of my life, on my terms when the notion strikes me.    
I've become very aware and  realize the fact that,   I've been this way my whole life..... and accept this about myself.   I do it  graciously... so as to stop with the inner struggle.     It's really such a non-issue in the big scheme of things.   

"That's good... one less thing" -  Forrest... Forrest Gump.

xoxo ya'll....   ajae

ps ...     I  love mater, mayo and potato chip sandwiches.... my first tomatoes of the season are almost ripe : )


  1. testing.... Goog said she couldn't comment, hmmmm?

  2. My turn! I was reading someone else's blog (I love blogs!) and she said that art supplies are NOT a mess. She said don't clean them up and put them out of sight because then you're less likely to pick them up and use them! I liked it, even if I don't like working in the clutter, because it's true. When my table is all clean and I have to keep getting up and digging through drawers for supplies I'm a lot more likely to quit before I really get anything done!

  3. I totally agree with Goog. If I have to dig for it or pre-plan which materials I need..forget it! Which would explain my total lack of production right I can never find a darn thing...EVER. Look out Hoarders, here I come. :) I guess the key is to find BALANCE between the chaos in which you can't find ANYthing and the organizing to the point that your "flow" is impeded. That's my theory anyway. I think your studio looks great. I say whatever works for you and allows you to be at your creative best is all that counts.

    That lil' squirrel made me squeal out loud...such furry cuteness♥.


  4. Hmmmmmmmm...did my comment get eaten or do you have to approve? Lets see....

  5. Oh...I love mater samidges too. And when there are no HOMEGROWN tomatoes...just tater chips and mayo will do. Yeah...kinda takes the remotely "healthy" factor out of it I know. ♥AK

    PS And it HAS to be on fresh WHITE bread. mmmmmm!

  6. Goog and Ak, I looove both of ya'lls take on this subject. I have had things "put away" proper before, even labeling drawers or containers ( like in Where Women Create...) but then I totally forget it's there. I gotta see my shit, so to speak. And for reals... if I've got my groove on that day, meaning I'm working and it's really flowing and going well... things just fly, and get shoved and pushed around. I get kinda like in a trance.. with my hands just reaching and grabbing and smooshing things all around my work space as needed without me really knowing it. And then when I reach a point of putting it down... what a mess I've left behind!!

    I think, "wow.. your a pig.. but it was a best day!!"

    And when I have house guests and it's really in a trashy state... I just close and lock the door : )

    I adore you guys♥

  7. Opinion please....I'm still learning the ropes in blogland. Right now I do have it set up for comment moderation, but think I may stop that. I guess I was just afraid someone might post something not nice. I probably shouldn't worry about that... being paranoid I guess.

    It's nice to post on someones blog and know right then that it's there and shows up, huh?

  8. If anyone dares to post something mean, kitty's gonna kick some ass or scratch some eye's out at the very least!!!!! When push comes to shove, even fraidycats can be ferocious. Don't mess with my Ajae♥ But truthfully, I don't see that you are being paranoid. Sadly there are nasty, mean, snarky people out there in the blogosphere.

    I did see, after the fact, where it clearly stated that you approve your comments. duh. sorry.

  9. Yeah!! .....and ya don't wanna make Momma Tang mad either, cuz I wield a MEAN yardstick (or so I'm told by my children-SOMEONE CALL CPS!!). I love your creative space Ajae! How lucky you are!! It is so bright and cheerful w/just the right amount of creative chaos!! Wish I was there to just draw the jumble of supplies...!!! I have a wonderful sunroom to create in, but storage = 0, zip, nada, bupkis.......gotta work on that......

    Seems we have quite a bit in common....Hoarders, Forrest Gump ("but you ain't got no legs Lt. Dan") and messy art spaces!

    Keep posting and art on, GF!!! Smoochies. KTanguy.(I go by kitty in the blogosphere. I follow 'bout 100 or so...(no wonder I 'have no time to art" sheesh!)

  10. PS.....try a grilled cheddar cheese w/a slice of homegrown mater!!! Now THAT'S livin'.............