Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lighten up♥

Stampcarving LoVe....

I've never been a resolutionist...Hahaaa! I think we're too hard on ourselves this time of year. Often times, I think it just sets us up for failure, and then we kick ourselves when were down! A whole new inner dialog (indigo) starts within about how lame we are for not following through...
I prefer to try and "work" on my self-betterment all year through. Wow! I can't quit making up words today.... I'm on fire!

 I always feel more invigorated and optimistic about my life in the spring time, not dreary-*ss January. Even so...I give myself permission to not be so hard on myself.  (till it's time to put on the bikini anyway, now that's a scary thought.)

So anyway, enough about crappy new year traditions. It's a little late... but here's a little peek in to my Christmas Cheer : )
Always, always a real tree....I love it with just the lights on it... I usually leave it like this for a few days. I love the simplicity of just a glorious glowing tree.
After some friendly advice ( thanks Kelly) I decided to string fresh cranberries this year for the first time ever! It was so fun and I loved it! 

Same shot as above, just playing with my hipstamatic... I'm sooo hooked on it : ) 

It doesn't take long to notice, my house is filled with what I love.... nature and animals.

My tree also is very nature inspired... I use grapevine,curly raffia, feathers, fresh sunflowers, babies breath and english ivy. The fresh cranberries were the perfect new addition.

My friend Goog taught me how to make cakeball yummies♥

My Rudolph collection... I love them all but am especially fond of the vintage cut out (on top of that red tree) I have no idea how old it is, but found it at an estate sale. It was in their trash pile!!!!

Got Jack?

Vintage ornies.....

A Christmas Mermmmie : )

Some outdoor garland...complete with redneck miller light lights!

Devil dog... my very own Christmas grinch♥

My vintage Christmas apron

We eat ALOT

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We drink ALOT

play games ALOT

and of course... we text ALOT.

Cheers to 2011... clink!   love ya'll,   ajae