Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"AxL's Blustery Adventure"

This mixed media piece was inspired by my Jack Russell Axl. I live a full and crazy life with three of them (and a husband). All with different personalities that keep my household in a semi-spastic state most of the time. Life is never boring for me that's for sure, a surprise at every turn...more about the JR shenanigans later!

A little more about me and my artwork... Most often my work reflects my personal joys and passions for nature, and all living things. I love to include outdoor elements, such as leaves, twigs , flowers and even weeds. :)
I'm definitely the outdoorsy type, and would usually choose to be outside than inside on a computer. I've always felt a calm and at peace outside exploring and observing more than anywhere else ever, since I was a child.

Several of the online art communities have embraced me , and inspired me so much in such a short time. For someone like me (waay computer challenged) it's truly opened up a whole new world to me. So much kindness and support has been shown to me, and I am extremely grateful.
So, even though I don't particularly enjoy the learning curve of how to become an online artist,( I'd rather be outside remember) I feel compelled to do so. I'm ready for the hit and misses of it all. I'm just ready ... Etsy store in progress, hope to be selling sometime next week :)

Wish me luck...xoxo ajae♥

ps-  Lizards make me happy :)