Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Forever Grateful... and the Magical Cocoon♥

 One of my mornings last week was just so amazing!  I usually spend a fair amount of time in the mornings in my backyard with my dogs and the yard critters that frequent there. But this particular morning was different. Well to start with,  our fall days have been far and few... and it was a glorious fall day here for us, so I think that had a lot to do with it.  I felt like the birds were actually serenading just for me. Truth be known, I'm sure they just love fall weather as much as I do : )

 I heard this one sweet little song ♪♫ in particular that was new to my ears. Try as I might... I couldn't spy the little beast!  So I just enjoyed it's lovely tune and choose to imagine that it must be a passerby, stopping to hang out and catch it's breath,  have a little seed and a quaint birdbath before passing through on it's migratory journey further south. And then I choose to believe it decided to sing me the proper thank you for the nice little rest stop..... ; )

 I wish the sweet little lovlie knew how happy it made me. I wished that it somehow knew that because of that beautiful song... it made my morning, and set the mood for my entire day! Because of that one little gift from nature,  I smiled more and had a constructive and more productive day.... all because that sweet birdie's song was music to my ears and cheered me right up!

 (  As long as I can remember..... I've always been my happiest self, most centered and at peace when I'm outside appreciating what's naturally around me. I can become completely enamoured simply by watching and ant carrying something 10 times it's own size over leaves, twigs and such.... it's like magic to me! )

 Speaking of magical....( to me anyway )  On one verrry fine day this past September , we hosted a wedding reception party for some dear friends of ours.  They had just eloped the week earlier down in the Florida Keys... how cool huh?

Anyway,  Just as the party was fixin' to get going Steve-O and Kimmy (bride and groom) came running up to me with this most amazingly huge green caterpillar!
 ( I'll insert here that nature lovers know other nature lovers and we keep each other's company : )
Well.... Steve-O found the chunky fella out in the middle of the road , where it would of surly been squashed by all the cars fixin' to show up. So we collectively decided to "free" him (or her) on the largest tropical tree in my screen enclosure, (which is a very large area, not just a typical screened in  porch.)
I can't believe none of us had the mindset to take a picture of it then, but I think we all had party festivities and preparations on the brain.....   but he looked just about like this guy below!!!! As big as your finger, no joke!
Luna Moth, Actias luna, caterpillar

For days and days after... I kept looking for our freak of nature. Other than   a    few munched on sign of it.   Then FINALLY one day... I spotted IT.  It had been verrrrry busy spinning up a fantastical cocoon!!!   Oh how I wished I could have witnessed that amazing feat!  Talk about MAGIC!

So now........we wait.  We're all joking now about how like, Steve and Kim are going to be proud parents : )  I've declared myself the God-Moth-er..haha!  Being the nature lovers that we are... we proceeded to the internet to research what kind of moth or butterfly we have and when it may emerge.  Steve believes it's a silk moth, but since it cocooned so late in the fall,  we suspect ( from what we've read )  it will over winter here till spring. We all are hoping for a light winter, as we're not sure how it will effect him.  (or her)  : )

Here's the funny part... this is pet lizard Oliver,  has taken it upon himself to "babysit" the cocoon! (hehe)
Seriously... he's there EVERYDAY!!  I'm so curious about his behavior. My best guess is that somehow,  he recognizes the cocoon as food and he's waiting for it to hatch and to try and gobble it down!!

My hope for next spring is... that I get to witness this magic in action, and catch the process in time and be able to cut the branch it's on ( before it's all the way out ) and take it out to the backyard. I'd love to save  him (or her)  from the fate of meeting Oliver, and I'd really love it... if the timing was such  that Steve and Kim could come and watch it get ready to fly....
Another reason for a partay!! But usually though... we don't need much of a reason : )

Last thing I'd like to share is this amazing gift Steve and Kim MADE for Harvey and I as a thank you for hosting their celebration....
It is sooooo pretty! They made it out of stamped metal, fishing line and swivels and little round mirrors.

You should see the light show it gives you at different times of the day......  flecks of light all over the yard!  It makes the garden even more magical

And then the best part..... Isn't it  lovely : )

Well thanks so much if you stopped in to hear me ramble... I realize I was a little long winded, but I just love stuff like this

Xo'sssssssss   ajae