Monday, April 5, 2010

SprinG has finally SprunG.....

I love you spring!
After a looooong, dreary drawn out winter, (and I don't just mean the weather) I'm finally feeling a little more spring in my step. What a relief!
For me, the "new year" seems to start more like when spring arrives, not so much in cold, dreary January. I find it difficult to be excited for a "new" year until Warmer temp's, sunshine, baseball, longer days, seeing your plants emerge from their somber sleep, all the critters seem frisky... the birds sing more. Even my dogs can feel it, and act differently.
Everything seems new again. Everything seems refreshed and get's a chance to start over. I love it!
Except for bathing suit season.... aaaahhh, could do without that challenge year after year. Probably because it get's harder year after year. Well...I will quickly get off that vain sentiment, as I am a healthy, mostly happy girl with a full, and very blessed life, surrounded by family and great friends constantly. (did I mention constantly, ha!)

As timing would have it, my spring has sprung in other ways as well. I want to share something I'm soooo happy and proud about and extremely thankful for. I've known about it for a while, but wanted to wait for it to come to fruition and get a copy of it into my hot little hands.... My first painting to get published!!!! Thanks to the fantabulistic Suzi Bluuuuu♥

This link above only shows a preview, but here is my page... :)
I would like to point out the title is "Respect Diversity" not Respect & Dignity. No biggie tho.... I'm still a happy camper!

I'm so grateful that Suzi Blu included me in her book. She has so many students, and wonderful artists that sent submissions for the publication. At Suzi's Les Petit Academy, (aka Art Skool Underground)... where everyone is an artist, I have met many wonderful like minded souls and have made some lasting friendships there.
I truly can't sing enough of her praises. Suzi is so fun to watch and learn from. She is an exceptional mixed media artist. She very engaging, passionate, funny, generous and never stagnate.
Her style of teaching really suits me, and I thank her for being a huge motivating factor for me actually picking up a frickin' pencil again. She actually has helped me realize that this is what I was meant to do all along.
And even though I'm slow, too meticulous, and self critical.... it's all part of my artful life journey, and that's okay...
xox ~ ajae

ps- I LOVE to hang clothes out to dry on a clothesline, but have a fear of putting my hand in a clothes pin basket, so I just leave the pins on the line all the time :)


  1. That is great! You're a wonderful artist and deserve the recognition! 4 thumbs up! (I included my big toes) :)

  2. Thinking about the book just makes me smile! For Suzi, for all of us - it's just a really good thing, right? Crazy exciting, too, because you're "published" as an artist!! I'm with you about spring, the sunshine just makes me want to go outside and run around like a crazy person. So I do. :)

  3. I just got the Petit book in the mail yesterday and your page is just gorgeous...congrats to you!!

    BTW, love your blog!

  4. I'm so proud of you. You are doing wonderful work AJ xoxo

  5. congratulations!!!!..your entry is beautiful....I can just smell those air dried towels...nothing like it...

  6. I saw your lovely work in the book. It is awesome!! xoxo,cynthia

  7. Skeeterbug...(aka Cuz') I totally dig big toes thumbs up!! Appreciate the support Peg♥luv ya

  8. Goog... what can I say about you man.... You R crazy, I'm so lucky to have met you!! You have no idea how much I enjoy our "relationship" ♥

  9. Kim, thanks for peeping in on me ( it was just Easter... have peeps on the brain....)
    Very kind words, Thank you♥

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  11. Suzi... your a mess, in the very best way possible!!!! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't even be here.... trying any of this. I'll always love you for it, and NEVER forget. Cuz' that's how I roll....

  12. Wow, Janie... visiting my blog! "crazeee"... I love your work so much! And your new sketches for P + P are so nicely done! I'm gonna post before critique day. (but I only have one, darn it)
    Thank you so much for taking the time to come here... It really means alot to me. More than you know!

    ps- and about the towels... heaven♥

  13. Cynthia... Stroo , perhaps?
    Regardless... very thankful for having you come by here. I'm a mess really, just doing what I do.
    Rhyme or reason out the door for the most part... and I'm okay with that :) xoxo

  14. hello Ajae,
    I was just over at Suzi Blu's looking at the art that was submitted for this book. I saw the one you show here and had to pop over to your blog. Imagine my surprise to find that your recent post is about it! I think this piece is fantastic and absolutely would add to a book being wonderful. You have a wonderful style. I have just begun my first class at the academy with Goddess and Poet and am having a grand time.
    wishing you a lovely week.

  15. Your art is amazing!