Monday, March 1, 2010

Blog Worthy... ?

Let me start by saying this is a new work in progress, no name yet. I quite like her though, and hope for a good out come...

Now... down to the business of "Blog Worthy-ness" ...

This is where I've let my insecurities take hold lately.
I mean come on ya'll...
there are sooooo many really cool, insightful and interesting blogs out there.
It is easy to blog surf all frickin' day, if one had the time. You find a fav that you love and before you know it ... your following your favs's..... FaV's.
I know we are are all guilty of going to someones awesome blog that leads us to another awesome blog and then down the rabbit hole we go... getting lost and even forgetting where we began!

Interesting to me though.... is that some of my favorite artful bloggers and blog posts are polar opposites of each other. So really whose to say what is blog worthy? What appeals to one, may not to others. And even that can vary depending on one's mood at the time.

Ultimately it's the reader who decides. They decide when they check in on a blog on any given day and then get lost in the authors insight, art, photographs, wit, humor or whatever it may be.

And then there's the actual purpose behind one starting a blog. Or is there? Or does there even have to be?
Since beginning this adventure in January, I've found myself really close to adding more pictures and posts. But my inner critic keeps asking me "is this even blog worthy?" How dorkey is that!
I've been trying waaay too hard to determine what "direction" I should take with my blog. Who the hell say's there has to even BE a direction...the blog police? Geeze, how goofy have I been?

Originally, I "planned" on it being mainly art based, with a little life thrown in. But have struggled with this idea since... and found myself over analyzing every thing I considered putting up. The point being, I have wanted to post about little things sometimes, mundane even...nothing earth shattering, or necessarily "deep".

Hense....over thinking and micro-managing this "perfect blog beginning" in the right direction has not helped it at all, only deterred. It's that whole learning curve thing, not only in bloglandia, but about myself as well.

So, in an effort to push aside the darned perfectionist bullsh-t... (I wish this quality carried over to my closet and studio tidiness, no such luck, I'm a messy mess plain and simple) I hereby "expel" the the perfectionistic demons. (swig... inside joke, tx trisha!)

I hereby declare, reader beware...
I'm not going for blog worthy. In fact I'm pretty sure I'll be all over the map. I'm gonna stick with me, myself and rhyme or reason will be found here. Blog posts may include but are not limited to;

ajaeart, mundane life occurrences, dog stories, tyrants and ramblings, family, music, nature photos and stories,things that make you go hmmmmmm? friends, inside jokes and what have you. And sometimes I do drink and blog :)

Just sayin'... xoxo ajae

p.s.  I am owned by 3 wild and crazy jack russells. And here they are...


  1. Love this piece you're working on! And your Jack Russels... *Swoon*

    As far as blogworthness, I agree that the spectrum of blogs out there is so vast, that you will find your audience no matter what. I follow all sorts of blogs, and like you, many are opposites.

    Keep on keepin' on!


  2. The picture of the kids is priceless, I gotta say - especially because one of them is on a boogie board. About something being "worthy". I would take a page out of Suzi's book - she says that something is art if the ARTIST says so. Beauty is NOT in the eye of the beholder, my friend, it's in the eye of the CREATOR. Something might strike me as beautiful and inspirational, but RARELY does anyone in my life agree with me. If you want to blog something, it's YOU who decides that it's worthy. Not the readers.

  3. I hate to say it but I think you are in a club of thousands. None of us ever feels our work is good enough or interesting enough. I just submitted a piece to the Minneapolis Institute of Art and my husband had to convince me to stand in line for two hours and when it was all said and done, I was proud to be in the show. Just keep being you and we will all continue to love you and your art!

  4. Goog, my best good friend.. thank you, thank you,thank you... I knew you would "get" it, and solidify it for me. So glad I met you. crazy X's and O's.... ajae

  5. Kim... crazy cool, the line paid off, (thanks Hub♥) Sometimes support means EveRytHinG... You must be so excited and proud. Thanks for your advice and taking time to stop in here. Pretty sure I'm just me from here on out, where ever that leads.....♥

  6. Carmen.... where to start with you? First of all thanks for even...

    You just have so much cool stuff going on. You really are on a roll. Go with... I'll be "cheering" you on!! Xo's ajae

  7. Your blog looks fabulous!!!!!!!!

  8. I agree: "it's YOU who decides that it's worthy. Not the readers"
    Only YOU know your thoughts...whether or not the rest of the world "gets it", no big deal who cares, right? It's lookin' pretty amazing to me so far! I know I couldn't do what you're doing :) You are truely blessed!!!

  9. YAY Ajae!! Love the blog girl!!!

  10. I love your art, and that's enough for me ;-) Don't worry, just go on blogging !

  11. It is your whatever.....In my humble opinion, you are doing your art...

  12. Caryl, Mare , Brigitte, and Janie...
    You guys are great for the morale, thanks so much for the support!!It means so much, really. xo all ya'll..