Monday, May 24, 2010

May Oh May... Where Art Thou.... ?

And ooooh my goodness... where the hell did April go????  We've been craaazeee busy around here with this and that. No time to balance, I miss balance!! (not that I've ever been good at achieving it!!)
With numerous planned events to host or attend, out of town guests and travels, and dealing with a dog needing cataract surgery (5 hours away from home).... eyedrops,  eyedrops... and more eyedrops, and then throw in life's everyday requirements and duties equals NO ART or BLOG TIME!

BUT.. I did finally manage to open an EtsyStore!! It was a goal for April that I refuse to give up on, even though I'm techno challenged and don't know what I'm doing!
But I decided to go for it anyway... what's the alternative.... not doing it?  Were would that get me?
I've only listed a few , and have only sold three. Funny... but two of the sales were people I know, but I'm still counting it ! : )

Lately though, life has been a whirlwind, and two months have seem to pass in a blink. But don't mistake my whining... we've had alot of fun, and created memorable moments through it all... just not enough normal ♥ Sometimes,  just normal is in order...

My intention was to follow through visually... with photos of our latest loved mayhem, ( and still plan too) but alas... this evening is as well on the eve of  yet another planned Memorial Holiday trip out of town.
But I felt really uneasy knowing I didn't even post here in May.     But then I realized... life is more important than blogging. Duh!!

And as happy and excited as I am to be here, doing something new... with all the possibilities that await me through this experience... life will always interrupt me.

So be it... it will unfold the way it is suppose to....
I did manage to work on her some...  BALANCE.... hmmmm? elusive....... isn't it?

xo ya'll... ajae

ps- I heart Goog♥my best, good online art friend.


  1. Why did I only get around to reading this now? It's not like my life is so busy...Anyway, I gotta figure out how you make your pics look so cool from your phone!! I love them!

  2. Hey Goog! I'll make sure I get with you about the pics. But for anyone interested, it's an iphone app called Hipstimatic. It's 1.99 . I loooove playing with it!