Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lighten up♥

Stampcarving LoVe....

I've never been a resolutionist...Hahaaa! I think we're too hard on ourselves this time of year. Often times, I think it just sets us up for failure, and then we kick ourselves when were down! A whole new inner dialog (indigo) starts within about how lame we are for not following through...
I prefer to try and "work" on my self-betterment all year through. Wow! I can't quit making up words today.... I'm on fire!

 I always feel more invigorated and optimistic about my life in the spring time, not dreary-*ss January. Even so...I give myself permission to not be so hard on myself.  (till it's time to put on the bikini anyway, now that's a scary thought.)

So anyway, enough about crappy new year traditions. It's a little late... but here's a little peek in to my Christmas Cheer : )
Always, always a real tree....I love it with just the lights on it... I usually leave it like this for a few days. I love the simplicity of just a glorious glowing tree.
After some friendly advice ( thanks Kelly) I decided to string fresh cranberries this year for the first time ever! It was so fun and I loved it! 

Same shot as above, just playing with my hipstamatic... I'm sooo hooked on it : ) 

It doesn't take long to notice, my house is filled with what I love.... nature and animals.

My tree also is very nature inspired... I use grapevine,curly raffia, feathers, fresh sunflowers, babies breath and english ivy. The fresh cranberries were the perfect new addition.

My friend Goog taught me how to make cakeball yummies♥

My Rudolph collection... I love them all but am especially fond of the vintage cut out (on top of that red tree) I have no idea how old it is, but found it at an estate sale. It was in their trash pile!!!!

Got Jack?

Vintage ornies.....

A Christmas Mermmmie : )

Some outdoor garland...complete with redneck miller light lights!

Devil dog... my very own Christmas grinch♥

My vintage Christmas apron

We eat ALOT

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We drink ALOT

play games ALOT

and of course... we text ALOT.

Cheers to 2011... clink!   love ya'll,   ajae


  1. OMG, you have GOT to email me the cake ball picture!! I'll scrapbook you. I love it, for reals!

  2. Did you carve the stamp? I think the tree with just the lights is beautiful. I had not heard about stringing cranberries to put on a tree - do you eat them afterwards? We can't really do anything foody - like oranges with cloves, because of the heat and high humidity. Happy NY and all the best in 11 :)

  3. Happy New Year Ajae!!!! Your house looks fab!!! Love all the decorations!!! And I am with Good can you tell us the cake ball recipe!!! It looks yummy!

  4. I will Goog!

    Tal, Yes I carved the stamp, it was my first one ever. I found the carving part very relaxing.
    The crannberries were so much fun, I will def do them again. They kinda just started drying up, but I did let the birds have at em' : )

    Thanks Heather!! I"ll message you the cake ball recipe soon : )

  5. Just catching up with some blogs. I can tell you love Christmas AJ LOL I loved seeing your photos, you have some lovely decorations.